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Ray Burton Development Corp

Ray Burton Development CorpTotal (1) property development

Ray Burton Development Corp

Ray Burton Development Corporation was incorporated on March 13, 1987 with an objective to engage and invest in real properties and to establish its foothold as an innovative developer that is focused primarily on delivering residential and commercial condominiums and townhouses within the prime areas of Metro Manila.

One out of the five medium-sized companies collectively known as the Ray Burton Group of Companies, the corporationís first property investment and management company was established in 1951. In 1980, it was reorganized into two separate firms, Mercantile Investment Company and Producers Properties, Incorporated. Founded in September of 1979, Mercantile Securities Corporation is a securities dealership that has grown to become a consistent top-ranking member firm in the Makati Stock Exchange. Four years after, PBP Insurance Agency, Incorporated started its operations and continues to be a non-life insurance agency today.

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Ray Burton Development Corp PropertiesTotal (1) Developments by Ray Burton Development Corp

Elizabeth Place
₱ 5 -15.6 M

Elizabeth Place

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